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Project Supplies & Services

We meet your requirements to fulfill the project demands and services for LV side and ZILLION ELECTRIC becomes your reliable partner to supply all your needs on-time

LV Panels Supplies

MDB, SMDB, Final DB, Meter Cabinets, LV Panel 1600A, 2500A & 3200A (From 4 Type) Feeder Pillars, Starter Panels, PLC Panels, Solar Interface Protection Panels, Solar Meter Cabinets , EMS Panels, Automation Panels, VFD & MCC Panels and Capacitor Banks. Panels (Zone 1 to 22), Explosion Proof Junction Boxes, Control Stations, Pendant Stations.

PQ Monitoring and Analysis

On-site Power Quality Data Logging and Harmonic Analysis – Measurement of electrical parameters including Voltage, Current, Power, Harmonics, Sags & Swell, Transients, Rapid voltage changes, inrush currents, Phasor, Power Factor Stability etc.

Investigation and troubleshooting of electrical systems- Investigation of electrical problems like nuisance tripping of protection devices and premature failure of electrical equipment like lighting ballasts, capacitor banks etc.., caused due to power quality and harmonic issues.

We perform thermography test using infrared technology to find the temperature rise during the function and analysis of areas in electrical switchgear, motors, generators control panels, ATS, bus bars, capacitor banks etc.

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Retrofit Panels

With our experience, retrofit or upgrade or site modification on your existing panels to increase its performance / to meet your actual requirement by implementing the latest technology for a cost-effective solution. We do quick on-site busbar modifications or component layout rearrangement depend on the space availability and site limits based on your requirements.

Annual Maintenance Contract

ZILLION ELECTRIC is all you will need for your electrical panel needs. This of course includes Periodic Maintenance and AMCs. Keeping your panels at peak working condition at all times increases its overall performance lifetime and keeps you away from operational failures which you can not afford in your business.