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Automation & Process Control

With its multidisciplinary teams of qualified experts in mechanical, electrical, automation, robotics, instrumentation and information systems, ZILLION ELECTRIC is a partner of choice to assist in designing and optimizing manufacturing processes.

Business Process Streamlining and Optimization

We can analyse processes and suggest ways to streamline them to manage the information required and generated through the entire product workflow in the plant.

Whether to validate operations, guide or inform the operators, monitor parts on the plant floor or record manufacturing or quality data at the various stages of manufacturing, the success of the systems we build depends on the combination of people, processes and technology.

Design of Automated Systems

ZILLION ELECTRIC provides integrated design of automated systems. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of disciplines required to develop the necessary equipment for client’s applications, including mechanical, electrical and instrumentation designs, PLC, DCS, HMI and movement control systems programming, as well as SCADA and MES applications.

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Process Automation

ZILLION ELECTRIC FZE provides innovative technological solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial issues and challenges.

Our team of qualified experts in mechanical, electrical, automation, robotics, instrumentation, and information system possess the following expertise to meet client’s specific needs:

  • Systems and equipment programming and configuration PLC, VFD’s
  • Control system design, programming, and implementation PL, DCS, SCADA
  • Business process streamlining and optimization
  • Design and Supply of control panels.
  • Operational data acquisition – Historian
  • Network selection, design, and optimization
  • Instrumentation selection, design, and optimization

Programming and Configuration

The programming and configuration of equipment gives life to the detailed engineering developed in a project’s early stages.

Whether clients need a new control system, a replacement or an upgrade of an existing system, our engineers and technicians have extensive experience in most common PLC and DCS equipment.

They apply their knowledge using the latest engineering and programming tools to convert logic diagrams and generate standard codes to write custom applications.