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Power Quality Monitoring

Zillion Electric exists to help customers monitor the Power Quality, save energy, improve productivity and increase process efficiency while enabling high penetration of renewable energy through grid code compliance.
Dynamic reactive power compensation and active harmonic filtering are in the DNA of our company – we excel in products such as active Energy management and PQ Monitoring solutions. Our technical capability and professional way of working with power quality, plays a significant role in our mission, vision and values, aimed at making our customers satisfied and helping them to attain their goals and targets. Unlike large corporations, we are “easy to deal with”. We have the skillset to solve the clients problems in a lean and cost-efficient way. Merus Power believes that the best results are achieved in teamwork between committed employees and business partners in an open and trustworthy environment. We welcome you to this power quality community to grow with us and to create a winning business with power quality.


Our commitment to accuracy, reliability, quality and service is what will make Zillion Electric stand out for you. Whether you are looking for new or used equipment, you’ll find it all here.

At Zillion Electric we understand that it is much easier to call one source for all of your testing and report generation. We are the experts when it comes to test and reviews it’s all we do, and we’ve been doing it successfully for several years.

Have questions about the products and services at Zillion Electric? We guarantee your questions will be answered immediately.


Zillion Electric offers both Power/Energy Loggers and Power Quality Analyzers for rent, which is used to analyzing reports for PV System, utility governing bodies for final approval. Fluke is our most popular option. These units are used to capture and log Voltage, Current, Power and Harmonics, to deliver a complete data for studying the load, energy assessments, and voltage events. Our rental inventory includes Fluke which will cover you for any single
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  • Cost effective and flexible rental options
  • You can book your slot in advance*
  • Technical Site Support for monitoring