Energy Management System

Set your goals, manage your energy effectively and reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint in a continuous action plan.

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We have entered the era of nternet of Things (IoT). Each day more and more machines, sensors, and systems are deployed that collect powerful amount of data. This data could be shared with other machines, systems, and people to enhance lives, increase cooperate efficiencies, and drive new revenue opportunities

Zillion Electric has the engineering expertise and experience to develop systems that turn raw device data into useful, meaningful, actionable data. By helping our customers to unlock their data, they can lower their costs, improve and enhance operations, lower risks, and identify new revenue.

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How EMS Helps?

The energy management system is used by commercial entities to measure, monitor, and control their electrical live loads and energy usages. For many industrial loads, it’s impossible and impractical to constantly purchase newer and more energy-efficient machines. Entities can bring energy efficiency by using the EMS generated live dashboards to quickly balance the load usages and taking improvement actions. The more energy-efficient you are in your premises, the more money you are able to save along with carbon footprint reduction. 


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