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Solar Solutions

ZILLION ELECTRIC understands the importance of the sustainable energy and its impact on the planet. We consider it our responsibility to be a part of the industry that strives to contribute toward renewable energy.

Solar Products

ZILLION ELECTRIC also supplies Solar Components such as Solar IP Relay, Solar ACCB, Solar DC Combiner Boxes, Solar Panel Cleaning Machine, and more. With ZILLION, you get access to the most exceptional quality of solar products. Our ambition is to always offer you the most relevant, affordable, and innovative energy solutions that answer the way you use our Solar Services.

Solar IP Relay

We are the official distributor and most competitive source for the Solar interface relay (SPI1021) ZIEHL – from Germany

Get Solar Interface Protection Units from
dependable brand ZIEHL – Germany for Gridand Plant Protection according to CEI 0-21 DEWA -standards (Approved by DEWA, Dubai, UAE), with integrated Vector Shift-Relay.

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    • Monitoring of under- and overvoltage 15-520 V Measuring of 3 phase with or without neutral orsingle phase
    • Monitoring of over- and underfrequency 45-65 Hz Monitoring of quality of voltage (10-minutes-average)
    • RocoF “Rate of Change of Frequency” connectable
    • Monitoring of vector-shift (connectible)
    • Input IN2 for selection of frequency window
    • Input In3 for selection of mode transitory or defi-nitive
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PV Smart Grid & IoT

We are proud to be  the official distributor and channel partner for the Acrel EMS, PV Smart Grid, and IoT solutions

Integrating smart meters, gateways, and numerous other smart devices to IoT, such as zero export meters, Interface protection relays, and sensors, the Acrel IoT platform provides remote monitoring and tracking mobile applications with smart solutions for PV plants, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, hospitality, retail, security, automotive, tourism, services industries and more.

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Acrel Overview

Acrel Co., Ltd. [Stock Code : 300286. SZ] is a high-tech enterprise that concentrates on research, production of smart meters, digital panel meters, CTs, Multi-function meters, DC meters, zero export meters, Transducers, after sales and services. It mainly provides systemic solutions for energy efficiency management and electrical safety for users. Acrel is equipped with the complete production lines from cloud platform software to sensors. Until now, it has more than 8000 sets of systemic solutions used in China to help users realize energy visual management, supply energy data services and improve electrical efficiency and safety.

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Solar IP Relay

Solar ACCB & Solar Meter Cabinet

Solar DC Combiner Box

Zero export & IoT