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Solar Solutions

ZILLION ELECTRIC understands the importance of the sustainable energy and its impact on the planet. We consider it our responsibility to be a part of the industry that strives to contribute toward renewable energy.

Solar Products

ZILLION ELECTRIC also supplies Solar Components such as Solar IP Relay, Solar ACCB, Solar DC Combiner Boxes, Solar Panel Cleaning Machine, and more. With ZILLION, you get access to the most exceptional quality of solar products. Our ambition is to always offer you the most relevant, affordable, and innovative energy solutions that answer the way you use our Solar Services.

Solar IP Relay

We are the official distributor and most competitive source for the Solar interface relay (SPI1021) ZIEHL – from Germany

Get Solar Interface Protection Units from
dependable brand ZIEHL – Germany for Gridand Plant Protection according to CEI 0-21 DEWA -standards (Approved by DEWA, Dubai, UAE), with integrated Vector Shift-Relay.

The SPI1021 monitors voltage and frequency in plants for own generation of electricity. It fulfills the requirements of CEI 0-21 (Italy) and DEWA-standard (Dubai) Interface Protection (IP) according to DEWA Distributed Renewable Resources Gene-ration programme (DRRG19,September 01, 2016).

6 selectable programs allow measuring 3 phases to neutral (4-wire mode), 3 phases phase-phase (3-wire mode) and single phase to neutral (2-wire).

The SPI1021 can monitor all de- centralized power, photovoltaic, wind or thermal plants, that feed in the low voltage and medium voltage grid. In applications with possible asymmetry >6 kVA, power balance has to be moni-tored extra.

With the integrated certified self test, the device can be used in plants < 6kVA. In programs 1-3 (3= default), the limits are preset according to CEI 0-21. In programs 4-6 they are preset according to DEWA- standard. They can be changed if required and be protected with a code and/or a seal.

A counter for alarms and standbys stores the last 100 events with reason and elapsed time. In ad-dition the time the SPI1021 has interrupted the plant is recorded.

All values can be displayed at the device and give the operator valuable information about the availability of the plant. When the device has been installed, a self-test starts automatically. The self-test can be repeated when required. All values of the test are stored and can be read out at the display.

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    • Monitoring of under- and overvoltage 15-520 V Measuring of 3 phase with or without neutral orsingle phase
    • Monitoring of over- and underfrequency 45-65 Hz Monitoring of quality of voltage (10-minutes-average)
    • RocoF “Rate of Change of Frequency” connectable
    • Monitoring of vector-shift (connectible)
    • Input IN2 for selection of frequency window
    • Input In3 for selection of mode transitory or defi-nitive

    • Input Y0/Y1 for monitoring function of connected switch (automatic detection of nc/no)
    • Relay K2 picks up (on time <500 ms) only at failure at switch connected to K1
    • 2 restarts at switch-on error of connected switch
    • Selftest with storing of values
    • Switching delays adjustable 0,05…130 s
    • Switching-back-delays adjustable 0…999 s
    • Different switching time according to type of alarm and selected mode
    • Switch-on delay 300 s (adjustable)
    • All parameters preset according to CEI 0-21
    • Alarm counter for 100 alarms with value. Reason and elapsed time
    • Recording of added time of alarms
    • Input for standby (off time <50ms) with counter and recording of time
    • Simulation for testing
    • Sealing, all parameters can be read out while sealed
    • Easy installation and programming with 6 preset programs
    • Supply-voltage AC/DC 24-270 V
    • Housing for DIN-rail-mount, 105 mm wide, mounting height 70 mm

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Solar Cleaning

Operation & Maintenance plays important factor toward Actual Life of the Solar PV System. International Financial Corporation warns, “Proper maintenance of a PV plant is essential to maximize both energy yield and the plant’s useful life. Optimal operations must strike a balance between maximizing production minimizing cost”.



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